Marksman the Horse

Marksman the Horse - Sue Omara Art Commissions v2

Art Classes and Courses Uckfield, Sussex

Marksman the Horse

I was commissioned to do a painting by Steve as a surprise birthday present for his wife of her favourite horse, Marksman. She has had this horse for many years and even has a picture of her with it on their wedding day.

Steve sent me some pictures to choose from and we decided a black and white photo was the best pose but I used the others to add the correct colours. I wasn’t able to visit the stables to take my own photos because Steve’s wife lives and works there so no chance of getting a sneak picture!

I had a lovely message from Steve’s wife which says: Thank you so much for the picture, its gorgeous!! Pride of place on the wall already!!

Art Commissions Sussex - Original - Marksman

Marksman the Horse - Sussex Art Studio

 Sussex - Marksman Commission

Sussex Art Studio - Marksman

Art Commissions - Sussex - Marksman


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