Say Hello to Elvis!

Say hello to Elvis! 8

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Say Hello to Elvis!

I was asked to paint the lovely mellow Elvis by Miles as a birthday present for his wife Vicky. It is her special horse so it had to be right. Safe to say it certainly evolved over a few weeks!

Say hello to Elvis! 2

I did the underpainting, blocking in the tones, and started the background. I often find the background more challenging than the portrait.

Say hello to Elvis! 3

Next, I started building up around the main features and getting the markings in the correct place. Plus of course, fiddling with the background again!

Say hello to Elvis! 4

He’s getting there and small adjustments and additions take place at this stage, both on the main picture and the background.

Say hello to Elvis! 5

Just need to fix that ear!

Say hello to Elvis! 6

Adding in some smaller markings, its all about putting it on, moving it around and maybe taking some off. Layers, layers, layers!

Say hello to Elvis! 7

I am nearly happy, or am I? Yes, he is looking lovely. Say hello to Elvis! 8

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