Ser Bronn Commission

Ser Bronn After

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Ser Bronn Commission

I was really pleased to be asked to do a portrait of a missing pet cat called Bronn. The lady who asked me was getting it done for her daughter as a surprise to try and cheer her up. I did this one in pastel pencil as I thought the colours suited this medium. The reference photos were really poor quality and it was a struggle to get the likeness, but as you can see the cat’s owner, Natalie was delighted. So even if you only have a few grainy or blurry pictures I can create you a painting or drawing you can treasure.

Thrilled to have been sent this Sue O’Mara original!! Thank you immensely for capturing the wonderful Ser Bronn as incredibly as you have, with such a terrible reference photo to boot! Now we’ve always got the little bugger nearby. Thank you also to Carolyn Hacking for commissioning this beauty! Natalie R

Ser Bronn Before

Ser Bronn Before 1

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