Sunny Marmite

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Sunny Marmite

I was asked to paint a rather unusual painting as a birthday present; – The lower half of a horse and some hounds standing behind him. So, that’s how ‘Sunny Marmite’ came to be.

I began as usual with a sketch onto the canvas and then an underpainting ion burnt umber, I had the reference picture of Marmite and then added in a random selection of hounds.

Next came the blocking in of the main colours, lots of reds, oranges, burnt sienna, browns and dark greys. Then I blocked in the background making it look a bit fuzzy and out of focus using lots of whites, pale and dark greens as well as purples and mauves.

Marmite was steaming gently in the morning sunshine so I created a haze of steam around him and then the halo of light where he was blocking the light from the person who took the photograph.

Then it was time to add some detail on the hounds, Marmite and the leather on the rider’s boots.

A few wet then dry glazes and the job was finished.

The owner is very pleased with the final painting and it now hangs on his wall. Another happy commission customer!

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