How it all started

How it all Started 3 - Beginners Art Classes Uckfield Sussex

Art Classes and Courses Uckfield, Sussex

How it all started

So this lovely chap is how I first decided to start painting! He was my loyal, chilled out Lurcher called Suki (don’t ask why he had a girls name!). He came everywhere with me over 12 fantastic years, we went up mountains, along rivers, his place was in the middle of the canoe, wherever I went he came too.

When I had to have him put to sleep, I looked for a great photo of him but even though he is in lots of pictures none of them were that great, so, I decided to try and paint one of him, and this is how it developed. Since then I have painted as much as I can and I love painting other peoples cats, dogs or horses because I know how important wanting that picture is.

How it all Started 1 - Beginners Art Classes Uckfield Sussex

How it all Started - Beginners Art Classes Uckfield Sussex

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